Friday, 9 February 2018

The duffy show

On the 7th of february, at Pt england school Team 5,4,3,2, and 1
went to the hall at assembly to see the duffy show.
At the duffy show they did a story about the halloween bully.
It was interesting and sad but I like how they did not give up and
apologized, they were really confident even when they did a mistake
with the blanket that they accidently broke but fixed it. it was really

First they introduced themself and told us a really sad story about this
person being bullied and had no friends.In the assembly we had three
characters which acted for a story that they told, it was the halloween
bully. The duffy assembly was about things that shouldn't happened
and things  you do like you should always apologize because when
you grow up you would be really sad for what you did. My favorite
part was when Molly apologizes to Frankie and they become real
good amazing beautiful friends. The main thing about the story is
that they take care of each other. I learnt that to never be a bully
even if you think it’s funny and that if your a bully, you should
always apologize.

At the assembly I thought it was really funny and sad, because the
skeleton was funny, but the bully was sad.

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