Monday, 22 June 2015

The lorax

Once upon a time this man was called the lorax. A little boy told him so you detroed every think the lorax gave him a seed and said to him you must dig it so people can see the trees and the boy said people don't care about the truffala tree.the man said we'll make them care. The onceler he made a shop he cut one tree of and made it in to a soft pillow or a bed.he can make it in to anythink like a blanket. Thelorax came and said you cut down my truffala tree. Jamie the little boy he is working to keep the seed safe and to plant it or he can give it to a friend like a gift sent the kind. He is being nice to a friend.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

How to make the village a better place to learn

I am learning how to make the village a better place to learn and a better place to help others do there work.If yous say why I'm doing this its because I got told to do it and if yous say what are you writing about I will say this I'm writing about the village how to make it a better place to learn.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

In the weekends

In the weekends I went to my sisters house it was in warm worth.

At my sisters house We went to the warehouse to buy me some sandals.

I went with my mum my dad my sister my other sister and ofter that we went to the spider man park which was near my sisters house. I was happy that was the coolest day ever and beautiful day to. When I got home I was happy because I got new shoes and then we ate Chinese food. It was delicious.