Friday, 2 June 2017

Whats for dinner

Once I was watching tv these two men came and knocked on the door. I opened it and they asked me if I can cook and I said yes, they took me to MKR and said if you want a challenge here’s your chance. They told me I have to make 3 recipes. I decided to make a beredo with letters, tomatoes and cucumber, a cake with lollies on the top of it with icing, and nacho mince with chips. While I was cooking I was feeling a bit shy but at the same time I felt excited. For my starter I decided to make a beredo to make this i needed to get all of my ingredients together. I made the beredo with Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and bread with butter and sauce on the top. I made the cake with 2 eggs and a little bit of butter and I’ve put it in the oven for about a hour and I put it in the fridge for like 30 minutes. I made the nacho with mince with a bag of chips, nachos, and mince I mixed them together and put the nacho’s on the very top with the chips.

While I was making it he said it smells delicious and he walked and said times running out chop chop as he said he was walking around and waiting patiently. So the food was ready and I served it to the 3 people they tasted it and said that will probably be a 10% and all the others said I’m gonna give you a 10% and she was happy so she was in the finals and said I’m up for the next one and she cooked apple crumble with peaches, her second one was a 2017 cake with candles on the top, and her third one was pizza with a delicious taste in it, with cheese and sauce and then she served it since it was ready and she was so happy she won.       
She was so amazingly happy she even shouted this is my best day ever and she won a lot of cool amazed stuff.
She thanked the 2 mans and gave them a big giant hug.

That was when her happy life started too began

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