Friday, 16 June 2017

Can he save her?

One friday night supergirl went for a little walk because she felt like she needed time out away from her house. While she was walking a green gobbler came out of nowhere and tried to kidnap her. The green gobbler was told to do this by his master batman. As he was doing this along came spiderman and superman.

Spiderman and superman chased after the villain but he was very fast. Spiderman yelled “You go left I will go right” to superman. They thought it was going to be easy but there was more than 1 gobbler, there was about 9 of them. They took supergirl up high on a building and pushed her off. It looked like she was going to crash to the ground but all of a sudden superman flew to her and rescued her.

Together they got supergirl because they worked as a team. Superman and spiderman captured 3 gobblers which left 6 gobblers. Superman and spiderman kept sneaking around and got more gobblers. Finally there were only 2 gobblers left superman destroyed 1 of the gobbler’s and spiderman wrapped the other gobbler in his web. Spiderman said to the gobble “if you do that again I will come after you.” So the gobbler learnt how to be good, loving and caring,


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