Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Goldilocks Story

The Goldilocks Story

Questions about the reading:

Who were the three animals that went into the house?
Pa bear, Ma bear, and Baa Baa bear
What is Baa Baa bear do when the others were sitting in the chairs?
He was sitting on the couch watching TV.
What colour were the plants outside of the cottage?
The colour of the front door flowers was Purple.
Who can crashing through the door?
Big bad wolf acting like a girl name bo peep.
Who did the lady in the blue dress want to take Baa Baa bear?
Because she was hungry so she wanted to eat baa baa bear.
Who came and saved Baa Baa bear?
Goldilocks took the wig of so that's how they know that it is big bad wolf.
How did Goldilocks save Baa Baa bear?
Goldilocks took little bo peeps wig of and showed it to pa bear and ma bear.
Why did he say he would go into the story of little red hen?
So he can eat little red hen and the eggs from little red hen.
What fairy tales are included in this story?
The big bad wolf.
What is a fairy tale?
A fairy tale is when a story starts with once upon a time
How do you think that Goldilocks was feeling when she came into the house?
Really angry because she doesn't like the big bad wolf.
What other fairy tales can you think of?
Little red hen, and the big bad wolf

True or False?
Baa Baa bear is not adopted
He’s adopted said pa bear
Baa Baa bear sat on the couch and watched tv.
Baa baa bear wasnt sitting on a chair he was sitting on a couch.
Baa Baa bear and the other bears went to try out the beds in the house.
No because ma and pa bear were trying the chairs.
The lady in blue who came in was actually Little Bo Peep.
No she was the big bad wolf of the three pigs.
Goldilocks came in and saved the day.
Yes because she took the big bad wolfs wig off.
The big bad wolf tricked the bears and ate Baa Baa bear.
No because goldilocks came in and showed who the real person inside her was the big bad wolf.

Alternative Ending:
Here is your chance to be creative, make a different ending to the one in the story. Make sure that you are using the characters in the story and also make sure that it makes sense with the rest of the story that you have read. This should be about 5-6 sentences long! Make it exciting.


Create a storyboard of the story highlight the main 6 points from the story. Remember the beginning, middle and the end.
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