Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cross Country

Cross country started on friday at Pt England primary we ran in the school and out the school. While we were running I came 5 or 6 it was a little tiring because we ran around the school and near to the beach but we have  to keep in the white line we ran 1 kilometre. I came before Inga Faga came after me.

In the race it was a little tiring but lucky i didn't give up. Champions never give up that's what they say by the way i tried my best in cross country. In cross country my house colour is blue it’s named HineMoana.
By the way i felt like a champion because I tried.

In the photo of me i was running as fast as I can because that time it was Cross Country. In the top left photo I really loved it because it is so cool because one person was running and her name was Leilani and there was another one and  she was walking and her name is Brooklyn.


  1. hi danielle i like the photo of leilani.

  2. hi danielle i like the photo of marie.